Ganesh Himal Tourism Development Committee (GHTDC)

Assisting, Educating, Developing, Empowering !
Ganesh Himal Tourism Development Committee (GHTDC) was formed and registered with the Dhading CDO Office in 2011 with handful youngsters of the northern belt of Dhading district which is known as Ganesh Himal region. The locals who are young, full energetic and full of enthusiasm specially from five Village Development Committee (VDC) such as Shertung V.D.C, Tipling V.D.C, Lapa V.D.C, Jharlang V.D.C. and Ri V.D.C. who realized that it was time to assemble and create a NGO or tourism development organization under which they could work together to meet their common goals "Tourism Development" in the Dhading, Ganesh Himal region. All our committee members have same soul of thinking, one goal and one creation of the same vision and mission. Such a body was necessary for many reasons. There was a need for a single organization, which could undertake the major responsibilities to develop and promote adventure tourism in this area. As entire tourism industry is seeking for a hidden valley and virgin trek route, we bet this region will be the milestone route where trek and tour operators can sale easily to deliver a unique trek experiences for their trekkers as well as kayaking, rock climbing, botanical tours, flora and fauna trek/tours as well as natural mines research and culture study tour even benefiting locals too. The need for a responsible body, which could play a significant and conducive role to mitigate mountain environmental stress, was felt essential.

Since the inception of GHTDC, it will limit only members or supporters from Dhading district however in the near future it will expand its neighboring districts Nuwakot, Rasuwa as well as Gorkha. In the time being it will expands its membership as well as activities nationwide too. Nevertheless, it has opened its associate membership to foreign organizations to broaden the scope of the committee.

GHTDC has divided in three types of members such as:- Active member, honored member and Allied members. In the premier phase it has approximately 105 members both from organizations and individuals but in the near future it will have more and more members who will be working dedicating on it for the tourism development in the Dhading district beginning from the northern valley.

Executive Committee members will frequently communicates with the concerned bodies of the advisors, local stake holder as well as various tourism umbrella organizations and government to simplify the procedures and to develop tourism in this area. GHTDC has different departments/Committees, which assist to meet its objectives. It also organizes workshops to make its members aware of the rising pollution in trekking routes and other problems encountered by the travelers and travel trade agents. It also participates if any other tourism related organization organizes some beneficial workshop for the related fields. Executive body, which is elected every two years, has 4 office bearers, 12 Executive Members and 2 Nominate Executive Member/s. We also have 11 advisors who are pioneer in tourism having at least two decades experiences with high social status and 12 working committee members/task force who will be direct involving in our each and every steps of organization.

Our goal is to benefit maximum to locals, working more in community base like building home stay, safety and security arrangement, information center as well as aware and reward to locals who dedicates to boom the tourism in their own area. We believe GHTDC in Nepal can also guide for social and educational awareness, religious and cultural conservation as well as stand at least a bit as a pillar for economic revolution of Nepal.

So, in spite of all various reasons, we agreed to have a small government recognized a NGO or tourism development committee named Ganesh Himal Tourism Development Committee and very dedicated ourselves to work in this committee for mutual benefits more than only our community benefits.

This website has been created with the aim of generating awareness about GHTDC specially for Dhading district and in the future neighboring districts Rasuwa, Nuwakot and Gorkha. It is hoped that as many travel trade pioneers will visit this website thus enabling us to exchange our views and ideas on varying topics to bring our links ever closer together.

Last but not the least; we again recall all travel trade pioneers who are from Dhading as well as nation wide GHTDC will work for local communities as well as entire tourism industry to uplift the national economy by the tourism industry.

Objectives of GHTDC

  • Develop and promote mountain tourism in Ganesh Himal Region.
  • Contribute to preserve the mountain environment.
  • Contribute for the uplift of mountain economy of this area.
  • Extend to the best of its ability, help, cooperate and advice individuals interested in mountain adventures.
  • Make a wide search of the new trek trails, home stay, cultural study research tours, river rafting and Kayaking spots, search feasible saleable regions for trekking/tours, promote pilgrimage trek/tour and help the Government of Nepal and for its further development.
  • Provide necessary opinions and advise to the related tourism organization and government for the formulation of the rules and regulations related to mountain tourism and facilities and incentives to be provided to trekking, travel and rafting agencies.
  • Promote mountain tourism in collaboration with various government and semi-government bodies, domestic and international NGOs as well as cooperate with tourism related various umbrella organizations.
  • Cooperate with national and international organizations dealing with trekking and mountaineering training for the formulation of practical courses of study.
  • Work on responsible and sustainable tourism
  • Award and reward to our member agencies for their best performance in selling Ganesh Himal region
  • Actively participate with various tourism umbrella organizations for national and international tourism activities
  • Co-operate with DDC (district Development Committee) in safety and security for tourist
  • Give tourism awarness and activities training to locals


The GHTDC conducts and participates in various activities in order to achieve its objectives. Some of these activities are of regular nature and the rest take place as and when necessary. The main regular activities of the association are as follows:

Promotional Activities

  • To organize different meetings, conferences, seminars and talks programs on tourism among its members and other tourism umbrella organizations.
  • To participate in tourism related activities specialy mountain village tourism development and conferences within and outside the country.
  • Submit advices/ suggestions on matters relating to tourism promotion to the Government of Nepal regularly and tourism related umbrella organizations if necessary.
  • To publish and distribute complimentary copies of newsletter, member directory and other useful booklets pertaining to tourism.
  • To establish cordial relations and exchange delegations with organizations of other countries.
  • To support and recommend its members on promotional activities.
  • Every year in Hindus festival (specially Diwali – Deusi Bhailo) and Buddhist festival (Lhosar) as well as in occasional national and community festival all committee members will participate and will have culture preserve, promotional and entertainment program in promotion of mountain village tourism.

Environmental Activities

  • To organize training and workshop to the villagers on environment awareness courses.
  • To participate in and support government's World Environment Day
  • To organize various environment conservation programs such as Forestation and Clean-up Program.
  • To organize various student level competitions to raise environment awareness among them.
  • To organize Talk Programs with the view to educate the concerned general public about the importance of tourism and maintenance of ecological balance. Talks are delivered by renowned experts on the subject.
  • GHTDC T-shirts (with a slogan and logo for environmental awareness) will be distributed from GHTDC secretariat and will distribute to its members in Rs.400/- to participate on occasional environment day rally.

Philanthropic Activities

  • To raise and deliver the fund for the victims of various disasters like earthquake, land slide, flood etc.
  • To assist people in distress by dispatching rescue teams to help at times of mishaps like bus, air and other accidents.
  • To raise and deliver the fund for the maintenance of bridges and roads in trekking and rafting region. The GHTDC has a well- managed secretariat headed by the Executive Secretary. The secretariat is happy to provide information on trekking, mountaineering, rafting, Kayaking, pilgrimage tours as well as culture research or study as well as volunteer service both in health and environment in the Dhading Ganesh Himal region.

Health Activities

  • Conduct health care and awareness program in the village occasionally of when necessary if GHTDC gets an opportunity by the help of any foreigner/organization as well as different NGOs and INGOs.
  • National and international volunteers will be welcomed to participate in this program.